Perfect weather

The Crags looking glorious in the early summer sunFor once – and for me the weather has worked out perfectly – work was reasonably quiet over Easter, I had planned in a couple of climbing trips out into the Lakes – and yes, the weather was glorious… I managed 5 days in a row out climbing in glorious sunshine (admittedly occasionally hampered somewhat by a gale force wind…).  Now work is manic – I’m on day 7 of about 21 days teaching out of 25 – I’ve been trawling the motorways from Glasgow, to Oxford, to Manchester… and everywhere I’ve been it’s rained – and I’ve been glad of those glorious few weeks climbing in the Lakes and that the weather now is not making me miss them too much.


About domhall

I have spent the last 15 years juggling careers in education publishing, expedition leadership and safety training. It has involved a careful balancing act of dreams of expedition travel, a love of climbing, walking and the outdoors and the the realities of life - and the later has definitely come off worse. I've run an adventure travel and expedition training business and lived in the sometimes sunny Lake District. Having taken a year out to complete an MSc in Environmental Technology I am now working for The Conservation Volunteers, working on engaging communities in their local green spaces.
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