Employment Profile and CV

I am a hard-working and entrepreneurial individual with a strong commitment to working in the environmental sector.  I currently work at The Conservation Volunteers where I coordinate the HLF funded Natural Communities Programme as well as supporting TCV’s work on Citizen Science and other community engagement. This role is due to come to an end in July 2015, so I would love to hear from you regarding any suitable opportunities which may be coming up in the near future within your organisation.

I have broken down below the key skills which I hope would be of use in your organisation:

Setting up and running my own business – business and organisational skills
In 2005 I set up my own business, Fieldskills Ltd, a specialist provider of expedition training and logistics. In seven years I built it into a successful small business with a strong client base – clear evidence of my ability to network and build relationships, and respond to client needs and requirements.   Running a small business also gave me invaluable experience of working under my own initiative as well as managing a small team of staff and getting the best out of them.  It required strong organisational and time management skills to write proposals, manage budgets, oversee the day to day running of the business, and maintain a strategic overview of its future.

Masters in Environmental Technology
In September 2013, following the opportunity to sell my business, I took the decision to study for an MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College.  This provided a solid research and academic background to my long standing interest in the challenges facing the environment and a belief in creating a more sustainable world.  It is a broad, multi-disciplinary course which has given me a strong understanding of issues such as ecological management, water and pollution management, sustainability, environmental policy and law

Delivering training programs – communication and interpersonal skills
I have excellent oral communication skills, having spent the last ten years delivering training courses and facilitating a range of trainer development, first aid and field safety courses, and youth development programs – with clients ranging from schools and universities to high level corporate clients such as BP.  I also have excellent written communication skills, developed both in my role as a senior editor at CGP, where I produced accessible educational textbooks, and through my MSc, where I have achieved distinctions for all my coursework to date.

Running environmental projects – project management and commitment to sustainability
Over the last fifteen years I have been involved in planning, organising and leading international volunteer conservation programs including DFID-funded conservation projects in Belize and wildlife research volunteer trips to Slovakia and Oman.  These projects developed my passion for the natural world, as well as evidencing my ability to influence team members and project partners in order to deliver projects on time and on budget.

If you feel my skills may be of interest in your organisation, please have a look at my CV.  I would love to hear from you regarding any suitable opportunities which may be coming up in the near future within your organisation.


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